I train PR agencies to write better content that makes their clients happy.

As a professional writer for a decade and a builder of a top-20 PR agency’s content department, I’ve seen the Content Challenge up close and in person.


PR agencies know they need compelling, engaging content to wow their clients.


But they don’t know how to improve or scale their content programs.


It can feel lonely trying to solve this content challenge:

  • Where do you start?
  • How do you engage your in-house talent to help?
  • How do you deliver content that clients love and demand more of?

You are not alone. Many PR agencies face this challenge.

I can help you solve your content challenge.

Wow Your Clients With Your Content

Our three-phase process elevates your content program and gives you what you need to succeed.


Our Content Needs Benchmark Report analyzes your current in-house staff’s writing output and your agency’s content operations and structure.


You receive a personalized report assessing your content quality, pain points, and service gaps.


When you’re ready to solve those gaps, we’ll start one of the three Improve programs tailored to you.




A shorter engagement where we optimize current in-house staff through personalized training and coaching.



We supplement the training with our own white-labeled writing services to fill service gaps with clients.



The longest engagement, focused on building the foundations to hire a team and scale a content department.


Program alumni can join a paid community, where they receive more continuing education and opportunities to keep practicing their skills.

After your program, you'll see...

Faster content production

Happier clients and employees

Content as a reputation and sales driver

Unlock your team's content potential

Partner with me to master storytelling, streamline your workflow, and deliver exceptional content that will win more clients and make your agency the go-to content expert.

Get your benchmark report

If you're ready for the first step to build your content future, you can book your Content Needs Benchmark Report with a $1,000 deposit.