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After joining BLASTmedia as its first Content Manager, Alex produced over 100 ghostwritten bylined articles and other long-form content for top-tier and industry publications for 20+ B2B SaaS clients in verticals like:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Fintech
  • Logistics and manufacturing
  • Martech

As content production evolved, Alex scaled the department to 10 people and 1,600+ articles produced within 12 months. He built the systems, processes, and team training that empowered writers and PR specialists to successfully produce high-quality content for clients.

Ghostwritten thought leadership articles available in a private portfolio by request.

"Alex is savvy and insightful — able to see the big picture — and hone in on nuances — and communicate them clearly to colleagues and clients. He's a thoughtful leader and a rainmaker who excels in building teams and growing leaders. In the 2+ years we worked together, Alex challenged me to push outside my comfort zone and develop my skills not just as a writer and editor but as a people manager, too."
Jodi Ireland
Content Director, BLASTmedia


Charged with building and scaling the TechPoint Index’s written content, Alex produced or wrote 200+ articles promoting Indiana’s technology ecosystem.


The Index platform grew to 70,000+ monthly pageviews, and its accompanying email and social media distribution channels reached a 30,000+ audience.

Cubicus Rex

Cubicus Rex, the first physical card game produced by game design firm Galda Games, needed a B2C landing page to convert sales. This landing page has contributed significantly to sales figures for Cubicus Rex while promoting the game’s features.

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