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My inbox is overflowing with email newsletters, and I regularly read maybe 10% of them. That’s because most newsletters don’t offer ideas and advice I can use immediately in my business.


So, when I launched my regular newsletter — The Executive’s Guide to the Content Galaxy — I put that goal at its center: Every issue will be useful to its target audience.


Who’s in that audience? Folks who work with content, manage people who create it, and are charged with figuring out content’s future within their organizations. That typically includes:

  • PR agency directors, VPs, and other leaders
  • Fractional executives (especially CMOs, CTOs, and CROs) offering content-as-a-service
  • B2B content team managers and leaders

Twice per month, you’ll get:

  • My most recent written and video content, handpicked to get you thinking and moving on your content needs.
  • Content across the Web I’ve sourced for you — from groundbreaking news to under-the-radar industry trends, you’ll get it all.
  • Early access to special sales, new product launches, and unique opportunities from my business.

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