How can public relations agencies use ChatGPT and other generative AI technology? The jury’s still out.


But in our gut, it feels like improving writing output should be one of those places that ChatGPT can help, right?




As a lot of folks are discussing, ChatGPT won’t replace your team — it’ll augment their skills and abilities. But that presupposes your team members have exercised those skills in the first place.


In the world of written content, that includes:

  • Picking and vetting topics to take to clients
  • Researching concepts to understand your clients’ unique POVs in the context of their industries
  • Interviewing subject matter experts to extract the true nuggets of wisdom
  • Reviewing content quickly and adjusting voice/tone, narrative flow, and stats/data/supporting evidence.

And oh yeah, actually writing content.


ChatGPT will reinforce what your team members already know, think, and do. If their habits and skills lead to producing bad writing, ChatGPT won’t fix that for you.

So how can ChatGPT help PR agencies' writing right now?

The short answer: It won’t be of much help in drafting full articles. But it can help you in other parts of the content creation process and give your people opportunities to practice those critical writing skills.


To show you how, I put together a free guide and swipe file (courtesy of Google Docs). Inside, you’ll find a list of the most common places where I’ve seen the content process get gummed up, and example prompts you can copy/paste to clear up the works. The prompts are simple (no need for advanced-degree prompt engineering) and endlessly tweakable.


You’ll also find an easy-to-copy one-page content template at the end — so scroll away!

Put ChatGPT to work — and then develop further

ChatGPT and its successors will have homes in PR agencies — the pace of work and change simply demands it. So start now with these small steps, and you’ll be better prepared to use tools like ChatGPT as the technology matures.


That said, it’s hard to break bad writing habits. If you’re looking for more in-depth support, drop me a line.